SOCL 2501 Louisiana The Dangerous Ways Ads See Women Ted Talk Discussion

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Watch a TED Talk titled “The Dangerous Ways Ads See Women” and engage in a discussion board about how media exposure is associated with inequalities of sex, gender and aging. The content of your original and reply posts should both draw primarily upon the content presented in the TED talk, but you may draw upon other information sources as long as you provide reference information for those sources in your post. Other sources of information could include material you learned about in other courses, things you read about in news articles or on blogposts or ideas your learned about in other TED Talks or related educational videos.

For your original post, you should reflect on how your personal image has been shaped by the media. Specifically, have you ever felt pressure to change your physical appearance because of what you see in the media? What about your social media presence on websites like Facebook, Instagram, dating websites, etc?

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