SYD 3800 Florida State University Sociology of Sex and Gender Essay

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This is where you’ll submit a memo (about 2 pages in length) summarizing the two interviews you conducted for your final paper. Note that this is an overview of your actual interviews — not plans to conduct interviews! Be sure that your memo includes a summary of the main themes that emerged from each interview. You also must include — at the end of the memo — a bulleted list of course concepts/themes/theories (approximately 4 or 5) that you are considering for inclusion in your final paper. In determining this list, you should consider carefully your interview materials — what concepts/themes/theories would they do a good job in illustrating? Be sure that your concepts/themes/theories have some specificity. For example, rather than listing a broad theme like “gender and work,” look through the relevant chapter and see which specific theories or concepts might be especially relevant to your interviewees’ experiences.

Here’s an overview of the FINAL paper you’ll submit, which will be 4-5 pages in length:

INTERVIEW PROJECT: Analyzing gender through time
For this assignment, you will contact two “key informants” – any two adults of the same gender identity but different ages (at least a decade separating them). They may or may not be related or known to one another. As examples, you could interview a mother and her adult daughter or any 75 year old man and a 25 year old man. You’ll be asking them questions to learn how their experience of being a woman, man, or person of another gender category or identity has influenced their lives – a broad topic! You can focus, if you wish, on one or two particular issues or life domains, such as those discussed in class (e.g., paid work, intimate relationships, parenthood, education, religion; views or experiences of feminism).

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