The Importance of Recruitment- A Presentation for HR Recruiters, management essay help

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Explanation of Assignment

As the Director of Human Resources, you need to improve your organization’s image and recruitment efforts. Therefore, for this assignment, you must create a recruitment plan that capitalizes on your organization’s strengths, while reducing organizational weaknesses. Additionally, your recruitment plan should seek to enhance the employment experience for current and new employees.

Topic: The Importance of Recruitment- A Presentation for HR Recruiters

The process of recruitment, selection, and retaining is an important topic in the field of Human Resources. Robert Henemen, quoted in Fields (2012), said “All of your employee relations issues and all your human resource initiatives depend upon your people. If you hire the right people you can be successful; poor hiring decisions will cause you to fail.”


For years, your organization excelled in recruiting the best talent! In 2001, your organization was recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) as a top recruiting company. Unfortunately, however, your organization recently has been portrayed negatively in the news, which has significantly impacted your applicant pool.


After running various statistical analyses, you quickly realize that your organization has experienced high turnover rates and low employee satisfaction scores. Your organization, which was once a recruitment leader, is now experiencing major recruitment problems.

In 2008, your organization rapidly grew due to a large consumer demand for your product. Your organization has been a leading superstore for decades. The company values the concept of providing an economic-friendly and option-oriented shopping experience. Your customers are loyal, allowing your organization to be among the top grossing stores in the United States. However, recently, employee dissatisfaction has been surfacing, which has caused strife in the Human Resources Department. Your employees are demanding higher salaries, fewer hours, and more vacation time.

As Director of Human Resources, you have proposed to upper-level management a change in employee treatment, including raising hourly wages and offering bonuses and promotions for advanced employees. Unfortunately, management did not meet at a crossroads and employees across the nation are leaving the organization, which continues to bring negative media attention. Due to this public outcry, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to recruit hardworking and responsible employees, leaving your stores understaffed

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