UArizona Global Campus Sociological Self Reflection Paper

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Sociological Self-reflection Reflection Paper

What makes me, me?

Due Sunday, May 29th

Please write twenty answers to the simple question “Who am I?” about
yourself. They can just be one word or descriptions. Answer as if you
were giving the answers to yourself – not someone else. Write your
answers in the order that they occur to you. Don’t worry about logic or

After finishing your list, rank them in order of importance to your
sense of self and to society (according to you – which is fine – this
assignment is all about you!).

You don’t need to hand in this list, but you’ll be using it to think about and answer the following questions:

What are the top five words/descriptors/categories you used for yourself? Why are they the most important to your sense of self?

Are they mainly social roles (son, student, etc) or personal qualities (funny, lazy, etc)?

How are you these? What does each mean?

How did you learn what these aspects of your personal
identity mean or “how to be” these different parts of you? How have
different people and social institutions (friends, teachers, family,
religion, mass media, or the economy) influenced your sense of self?

Is there a you without society? Why? Why not?

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