UCLA Sociology Development Project in the Post 1945 Era Essay

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Philip McMichael (2017: 40) characterizes the three decades following the second world war, which saw a historic wave of decolonization, as an era “marked by a sense of almost boundless idealism, as governments and people from the First and Third Worlds joined together in a coordinated effort to stimulate economic growth; bring social improvements through education, public health, family planning, and transport and communication systems to urban and rural populations, and promote political citizenship in new nations.” 

How would you assess the “boundless idealism” of the Development project in the post-1945 era? How do efforts to foster development in Egypt and South Korea support your assessment? 

Consider the following to develop and organize your essay. i) What were the main features of the post-1945 Development project? What made the period between the 1940s and 1970s an optimistic period for peoples and governments in formerly colonized regions? What difficulties and constraints did they face in overcoming the legacies of the colonial division of labor? ii) Compare and contrast “Development Projects” in Egypt and South Korea What kinds of “Development Projects” were implemented in each country and what kinds of social and economic transformation did each bring about?  

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