Universalism ethics

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Regarding the Universalism: A Deontological (Duty-Based) Approach, explain why you would use this approach.

Using this example

What would be involved in using this approach?

“My dilemma from the past was how to balance the desire for profits and the social good of the society and communities. Organizations and workplaces confronted by the diversity of cultures and different relativism concerning the right and moral things to do. In the work environment there are policies that govern employee and employer relationships. As a manager in a firm having to release a worker knowing that they have families that depend on them is a very delicate and complicated matter irrespective of the human resource guidelines. Considering the desire for organizations for efficiency and profits on one hand and the social and economic impact on the employee post contract termination is an issue that gives managers sleepless nights. Efforts usually made regarding coaching, mentorship and training to delay releasing workers.”

What might have happened differently if a person used this approach?

Explain how this alternate approach might have been beneficial. To whom? In what ways might it have caused problems?

3–6 typed, double-spaced pages

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