University of Colorado Boulder Key Takeaways Discussion

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Instruction 1 Memo

This writing is for a sociology class which is writing a memo which you need to summarize, reflect and ask two questions from the reading based on the two readings given below.

In this memo, you need to

1) briefly summarize (1-2 sentences) the main point/argument of each reading

2) discuss your thoughts/impressions/comments related to the readings overall.

3) Ask two questions from the readings.


  1. Woman’s Role in Economic Development
    by Ester Boserup, Su Fei Tan, Camilla Toulmin: Introduction: Boserup Revisited
  2. Peet and Hartwick, Chapter 7: Feminist Theories of Development

NOTE: I will attach an example of the memo to see what the format looks like if that helps, use only the reading material provided above.

The above is one memo which is 1 page single spaced.

Instruction 2- answer the three key takeaway questions below from the podcast.

Listen to the following interview from the podcast from the Harvard Center for International Development

” Support for gender equality has increased globally, and studies of this trend usually examine individual and/or country level factors. However, this overlooks substantial variation. City-dwellers are more likely to support gender equality in education, employment, leadership, and leisure. Alice Evans, a lecturer at Kings College in London, sat down wit Salimah Samji, Director of the Building State Capability program at CID to discuss her investigation into the causes of rural-urban differences through comparative, qualitative research in Cambodia. Dr. Alice Evans is a lecturer at Kings College as well as Research Associate at CID’s Building STate Capacity program. She researches social norms and how they change and is currently writing a book on how societies come to support gender equality. Interview originally recorded on October 30, 2018

(Links to an external site.)

What are three key takeaways from this podcast that relate to our discussion on gender and feminist development paradigms of this week’s lecture (WID, WAD, GAD, PAD)?

Note:- The memo which is instruction 1 and the podcast question instruction 2 are different questions and must be answered in separate pages.

Thank you!!!

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