Walden University Sociological Theories Questions

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I’m working on a sociology practice test / quiz and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.


  1. Sebastian is 35 years old and has been in state prison for 3 years for a botched armed robbery of a jewelry store that he was involved in with his older brother. Sebastian was the driver of the car that was used to get away. He is married to Gretta and they have 2 children: a daughter aged 5 and a son aged 3. His youngest child was born while he was incarcerated, and he has only seen the kids on visits, but he is eager to be with them and be part of their lives.In preparation for release, he participated in an interview with the human services professional practitioner assigned as his parole officer. Sebastian said that he wants to be a good father, but he is afraid his kids will have become used to his not being there, especially the youngest. He plans to get involved by getting the kids signed up in different sports, where he can be their champion.Choose one of the above theories and explain how that theory would ground your response to the scenario as the professional practitioner.


  1. Sabina is the Executive Director of Soup’s ON, a non-profit organization that rescues excess cooked food from buffet restaurants and hotels to redistribute to homeless shelters and seniors’ homes in low-income neighborhoods. These locations have had difficulty getting access to healthy food because of the costs and the lack of local grocery stores. The organization’s offices are in a donated industrial building.
    Sabina is the only paid employee, and all the rest of the work is done by volunteers. The funds they raise and a grant they have from the city pay for a truck to pick up and deliver the food. During a pandemic, the restaurants that supplied donated food stopped cooking large quantities, and some even disappeared, leaving Soup’s ON without a source of food.Together with the Board of Directors, Sabina decided to apply for a grant to convert the offices to a soup kitchen to prepare large-batch soups from diverted produce that is beyond best from large local grocery stores that are in the wealthier suburbs. It means an investment in kitchen equipment and the ability to have a certified industrial kitchen in their location. But the belief is that the transition will help solve two problems of finding food during a pandemic and the food desert in the low-income neighborhoods. Sabina believes the renovation will serve the community more effectively, which will contribute to the health and wellbeing of everyone.Choose one of the above theories and explain how that theory would ground your research to the scenario


  1. Dominique is graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration. She hopes to go into banking and has recently started working on her resume. To help prepare for job interviews, Dominique makes an appointment with the local career center. At the career center, she meets with a human services professional practitioner who is a career counselor. The counselor is helpful, but Dominique was assessing her own chances of a successful interview by saying she was not the ideal candidate, even though her GPA is high. She was worried because she is a woman of color and overweight, to the point of being obese. Dominique knew that these would be noticed by potential employers and may make it more difficult for her to compete in the tight job market. Choose one of the above theories and explain how that theory would ground your work in this scenario.

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