watch a youtube video navigating a post truth world by charles sykes and make a power point

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Complete the following TWO tasks through creating a text and image-only PowerPoint presentation with not less than 15 slides using Arial or Verdana font in size 24 or above. Save your PowerPoint file in PDF format

Task1: Watch a YouTube video ‘Navigating a Post-Truth World’ by Charles Sykes ( or access through the QR code below). What is fake news? Is it bad for the society?

Task 2: After completing Task 1, conduct a research of no more than ten posts published within the same week on a Facebook page/ an Instagram page/ a Twitter page/ a Weibo page/ an online forum page/ a citizen journalism website/ Telegram channel of your choice, and then:

  • a.Describe briefly which page/ site you chose and the number of posts you collected from the page/site. Provide a very short summary of what the posts were about.
  • b.Discuss whether the posts, articles, photograph, and so on, are truth or ‘alternative facts’ (refer to the explanation mentioned in the video).
  • c.Try to compare or verify the posts, articles, photograph, and so on using one (or two, if you think one is not enough) mainstream media/ big media organization website. Do you see any differences? Examine and explain any differences in your PowerPoint presentation.
  • d.Charles Sykes have mentioned a few ‘solutions’ in dealing with the fake news in a post-truth world, for instance, educate young people civics and media literacy, stop spreading garbage and so on, which ‘solution’ do you think is the most practical one? Why? (p.s. If none, do you have any other suggestions?

Special note:

  • Academic reference is not required.
  • Remember to save your PowerPoint as a PDF file before you upload it. Turnitin does not support .ppt file. You will receive zero mark if your file cannot be opened or displayed.
  • Put all the weblinks and referenced sources on the final page of the PowerPoint under a title of ‘Reference’.

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