write paper and make powerpoint about pick a country that is not the united states give us an economic overview

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Pick a country that is not the United States. Give us an economic overview. Some of the questions that you may answer: What are the economic conditions there, is this really a command or a market economy, is there a U.S. presence affecting that country, what does country have to sell, what about immigration or citizens issues. You can even include culture and religion as that can control economics and finance. Does the country specialize in a product, are the prices cheaper there than the rest of the world, does the country make money from tourism and what are some of the major attractions that tourists want to see. You are not limited to these questions as long as you propose sound economic reasoning. Use 4 references. show findings with a Powerpoint (50 points) points,15 slides.

APA , 3.0 pages


With a Power point presentation, pick a country other than the U.S. and show the economic conditions for that country. The presentation show should contain 15 slides to include an intro (Flag) with the country and your name and a final slide with the link to sources. The presentation should include a map for reference to nearby countries and at least 3 pictures with explanations.

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